Our daughter’s name is Aiden Lane. To us she represents redemption, wholeness, and the beautiful gift of God’s unconditional love. Without His divine intervention in our lives, she simply wouldn’t be here. Her name means “helper on the narrow road”. Everything God does in our lives is to produce a passion and fire to share by touching the lives of others with His love. Aiden will inherit and continue a journey that we began. A line of clothing with the mark of her name upon it drives us to not simply produce another piece of women’s clothing, but to share a story and to spread hope for life… real life more abundant. God is already making a way for us to use this to impact lives, communities and even countries. When ladies wear our clothing, we pray that they will experience hope and a confidence that their beauty is more than what is seen but what is given. It is real, and it is contagious.

Our mission is to help women everywhere feel whole, redeemed, and beautiful, no matter what their goals in life. This is the road less traveled and our desire is that more experience this on their journey. This is what Aiden Lane means to us!

Those who choose to take the road less traveled gain the strength to carry something much greater and more beautiful than they ever imagined... Melanie Amick